16 Jul 2018


Beach at Green Patch


Rosette Barnacle Tetraclitella purpurascens

Comb Sand Star Astropecten vappa 

Red Bait Crab Plagusia chabrus

Sand Anemone Oulactis mucosa

Bristol Point

Dusky Coral Pea Kennedia rubicunda

Snakeskin Chiton Sypharochiton pelliserpentis

At Murrays Beach, looking across to Bowen Island. This place was once earmarked to become a nuclear power plant !? It never happened. May we never entertain it again.

Branches of Banksia growing right onto the sandy shore Banksia integrifolia 

Fan Shell

Blue Australwink (Periwinkles) Austrolittorina unifasciata

16 Jun 2018

AAWT - Day 1 - Tharwa to Bushfold Flats

On Mt Tennent

Hairy Geebung with tiny new fruit Persoonia rigida

Fringed Heath Myrtle Micromyrtus ciliata

Drooping she oak Allocasuarina verticillata

Urn Heaths Melichrus urceolatus just starting to flower

Beautiful scalloped love-heart young leaves of Apple Box Eucalyptus bridgesiana

Down on the Flats

Deadmans Hill on the far left

Reads Hut

Common Prettymouth Calostoma fuscum

One tiny sprig of Bursaria flowers in the snow Bursaria spinosa

Kangaroos in the snow Macropus giganteus

4 Jun 2018

Charlotte Pass

Snow Beard-heath Leucopogon montanus

Alpine Pepper Tasmannia xerophila

A female Shield-back katydid, pulled from a stream. There were little hoppers everywhere, even on the snow.

Mt Stillwell

The Main Range

23 May 2018

Booroomba Rocks

Shiny Leionema Leionema lamprophyllum subs. obovatum

Small-leaved Beard Heath Leucopogon attenuatus.  

Grevillea Grevillea oxyantha 

A perfect lichen

The views

12 May 2018

Big Monks

Variety of juvenile leaf shapes of Kurrajong Brachychiton populneus

A tiny Ant Spider - Zodariidae family

A tiny Galah feather Eolophus roseicapilla

The rest is views