19 May 2019

Little Jack

 Solenogyne Solenogyne dominnii

Rooting Shank Oudemansiella sp. It grows on wood

Cortinarius australiaensis

Large veil

Here is a munched one

Daisy Brachyscome spathulata

Possibly these are Fairy Bonnets, I dont know but the name is so good

Yellow Navels Lichenomphalia chromacea, growing with the green algal mat on bare soil that always accompanies this species

Glaucous juvenile leaves of Southern Blue Gum Eucalyptus bicostata

Note the square stems

This fallen log contains its own universe

Home of Wombat Vombatus ursinus

And an actual Wombat accompanied by Galah song Eolophus roseicapilla
Just another beautiful unnamed mountain, unnamed creek.


16 May 2019

Mt Pleasant

Some kind of monstrous Puffball, in US these are called "Dead Mans Foot", here they are "Horse Dung Fungus", both aptly descriptive, genus is Pisolithus

Black-headed Bull Ant Myrmecia nigriceps

Ribbed Case Moth case Hyalarcta nigriscens

Golden-tailed Sugar Ant Camponotus suffusus

10 May 2019

Mt Selwyn

Mt Selwyn, mostly visited when covered in snow

Notable lack of views to Tabletop and Jagungal today

Big old Snow Gums burnt in 2003 Eucalyptus pauciflora

Spoon Daisy Brachyscome spathulata

Before the fog set in at Three Mile Dam

5 May 2019

Paddys River Falls

Saunders Case Moth Metura elongatus

This is just nice


Paddys River Falls

The geology - from what I can find out, this is columnar basalt. A lava flow that has cooled very slowly, creating columns as it cools and contracts

Many of the columns are hexagonal, giving the appearance of a giant crystal.

The ceiling

Spare basalt columns are very handy for marking out the carpark area

With some Bracken Pteridium esculentum

Rosemary Grevillea Grevillea rosmarinifolia

Bursaria spinosa

In the distance, Maragle Mountain (its on the List)

26 Apr 2019

Hume and Hovell - Henry Angel to the Tunnel

Henry Angel campsite to the Tunnel has plenty of farmland views

Spectacular Rustgill Gymnopilus junonius

Plently of exotic trees making a good autumn show, very European

Sheep on the trail

Bardi Grub pupal case Trictena altripalpis

And back at the toilet block, Trictena altripalpis adult moth

The patterns

Another big chunky moth, not sure yet on this one